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If you appreciate quality invitations/stationery and favours, as well as service with a smile, then we'd love to meet with you!  However, if you consider invitations a waste of money because they just end up in the bin, then we're simply not the supplier for you... because we take great pride and care in what we create for all of our amazing customers!

Please note we are happy to provide 1 free Invitation consultation and 1 free consultation to discuss your On-The-Day stationery.  Additional consultations are available on a fee-for-service basis. 

Use our online scheduling to arrange an appointment to collect an order or to catch up in person:

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Meet the Team:


This is me... owner, designer, creator, perfectionist!

My name is Angela and I will be with you every step of the way.  From our initial meeting, I will be the one you deal with, the one who does all of your design work and the one who creates the stationery you envisioned.


This is Coco the bunny, and yes that's a Chuppa Chup that she stole!  She has a serious sweet tooth.  Cheeky is as cheeky does...

Coco is chief quality controller.  There is not a single brand of paper that she hasn't sampled (eaten), and only the best get approved for use in customer orders.  She's even sampled the chocolate I use for favours... like I said, only the best gets through her quality assurance process.


And this is Millie... the giant chihuahua (if you can call 6kg giant).  Millie is my meet-and-greet expert and will be at the door alerting me to your presence before you even get to ring the doorbell.

Millie is also an avid supervisor, regularly checking on my progress throughout the day... however is also known for sitting on her chair awaiting the time when her supervisory skills are needed (aka: sleeping on the job).