Foil Stamping vs Foil Transfer


They look amazing, but do you know what you’re ordering?  Not everyone realises that there are 2 different methods for foiling:-

1. Hot Foil Stamping

This method involves having a metal plate made which is heated and the foil is pressed/stamped into the card using a large industrial machine (it's a similar process for letterpress invitations). It’s extremely expensive but essentially gives the best result.  Guest names cannot be included on any cards (unless they are digitally printed) as once the metal plate is made that becomes the template which is stamped into each card.

We require a minimum order of 50 invitations using this method.

2. Foil Fusion (foil transfer)

This method is where the foil is applied over printed text using a process called heat transfer.  The results are reasonable (however there may be some inconsistencies) and it is possible to have changes in the printed text (ie: different names on each card). It’s also a lot more cost effective.  The only restriction is that it is best applied to super smooth paper or card - shimmer papers may not be suitable for this method.

We require a minimum order of 15 invitations using this method.